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Direct Marketing provides fresh leads and drives traffic to your sales events, resulting in more sales and consumer awareness of your company and products.

Our marketing campaigns provide complete solutions to Digital and Direct Mail Marketing. Targeted mailing events and Saturation mailers are coupled together with Email, Website Ad Placements through Reverse IP Geo-Targeting and Lead Capturing through Personalized Micro-sites.

Success drives us, when you sell more we both win. 20+ years of Direct Marketing experience, affords us the ability to provide successful marketing campaigns that will perform for your immediate marketing needs.



We offer a wide variety of Direct Mail Campaigns such as our large assortment of postcard sizes, 4x6, 6x9, 6x11, 9x12, 10x14 and our ever popular 4x6 pop-out laminated cards with your customized message to engage and entice prospective customers. We have great low cost Tax Mailers, Invitation Mailers, 8-page Mini Magazines, Bankruptcy Mailers and Buy Back Mailings using Black Book or Kelley Blue Book with PURLs and vehicle values (see a KBB purl example). Our Kelley Blue Book Direct Mailer is a great way to capture your targeted audience’s attention and convert them into instant UPS.

Put these Direct Mail Marketing Strategies to work for you on your next marketing campaign to receive a greater return on investment. Encourage a positive response with variable data in your direct mail with QR Codes, Personlized URL's, Phone Tracking, Automotive BDC and much more. Call us today for more details, 954-784-3840.

Our long history of nationwide clients, trust Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions to get it done right the first time and on time with the highest quality in the direct mail industry.




    "I sold 87 cars in one weekend with a net gain of over
    $300,000 using a plastic card mailer and card swipe prize
    box in conjunction with gas rebates.


    Card Swipe Mailers really work!"






    We used the Cardswipe Prize Box for a customer appreciation 2 day event.
    We sold 17 cars with a 5,000 piece mailing.
    Our 8 store Dealer Group was impressed!


    Bob C.
    from South Carolina







    Our management team was looking for a different marketing technique;
    the Cardswipe Prize Box fit the bill.
    We sold 27 cars inside of a 4 day sales event with 5,000.


    Charles R.
    from up-state New York



At Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions, we are constantly inventing new mailing ideas and traffic-building promotions. The latest advances in press and print capabilities have given us the ability to drive down costs while maintaining a high level of quality. We also provide state of the art online tools such as our Exclusive Mail Tracking Web Application, Phone Tracking with Call Recording and PURL's (Personalized URL Micro-Websites) on any of our mail pieces. All of the pre-designed pieces presented within this website can be completely custom designed to fit your business brand.

Our company brings great ideas to life with a well armed team of talented professionals that work together to turn your direct mail dreams into reality. The Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions team of designers, printers and customer service representatives are available to assist you every step along the way when creating your next direct mail advertising campaign. We have over 24 years of Direct Mailing experience and we would like the opportunity to bring that experience to the table while we work for you to create unique marketing solutions.


Products & Services

Our direct mail experience sets us apart from the competition with more services and products available. We are also a Green Print Facility with low environmental impact. Try our bundled packages which will make a difference in your next marketing event. Competetive pricing is what we specilize in, as we maintain business relationships that allow us to purchase media and direct mailer related advertising products in bulk quantities, then we pass those savings on to you

We also offer Forensic Direct Mailing Metrics with tracking of campaign statistics through IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcodes), Personalized URLs which generate leads via the internet, Toll-Free Phone Numbers through our Automotive BDC (Business Development Center) with call recording, and marketing strategies such as Card Swipe Events, Scan and Win, Discount Coupons and Vouchers. Tracking statistics are loaded automatically into our Exclusive Online Tracking Application and made available to you for review.

Direct Mail Marketing Tools

We have the direct mail marketing tools that give your company the resources needed for you to succeed. Whether you want your existing clients to remember you are still there to meet their needs, or you are looking to land some new prospective clients, we can help you reach your company’s goals. Call us to find out more about our new and exciting programs that can jump start your Phones, Showroom or Sales Force.

To get past the first obstacle of direct mail, we can offer online tracking tools to better assist your marketing campaigns, along with auto dialers to let your prospective clients know that their direct mail piece is on the way to them with time sensitive materials that will change the way they do business. Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions is your #1 Place to find the Printing and Direct Mail Professionals, with the knowledge and experience that you need to succeed in today’s complex markets. Call now to find out more at 1-954-784-3840.

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