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Graphic Design

With our extensive knowledge of printing and finishing processes and technologies as well as experience with USPS mail regulations, we offer in-house GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of your communications strategic objectives. This means we can deliver the end result faster, better and more cost-effectively than the often-used Design, Print, and Mail approaches with separate companies.

Mailing Lists

Data is a key factor to a successful Direct Marketing Campaign; utilizing different types of Mailing Lists can help boost response.

Direct Mailing Lists are used to better target a desired consumer audience. There are many selections possible that allow direct mail marketing data to be narrowed down to a very specific consumer type. Selections such as; Age, Gender, Household Income, Home Owner or Renter, and Profession can be coupled with targeting specific areas of interest by City, State or Zip Code or Radius from a desired location, to help boost ROI with your direct mail marketing campaign.

Targeted Mailing Lists – Consumer or Business Direct Mail Marketing Lists that are targeting specific criteria such as Credit Score, Age, Gender, Income, etc.

Saturation Mailing Lists – Direct Mail Marketing Lists that saturate a specific area, either by radius or carrier route, etc.

Bankruptcy Mailing Lists – Target consumers with a history of Bankruptcy, used with selections of bankruptcy chapter filed, ie. #7, #11, #13 and date range of discharge

Credit Mailing Lists – As an approved vendor to handle credit data, we can provide direct mail marketing services targeting Credit Score and Beacon Score ranges

There is so much more that can be done with direct mailing data that it’s impossible to list everything here, contact us to find out how Data can help boost direct mail marketing ROI.



Personal URL Micro Sites

A personalized web page is a great way to entice people to visit your website. Our Personalized URL system for your website can create individual URLs (ie. ), and allow you to track and measure PURL visitors referred from your direct mail marketing campaign.

Real-time lead tracking through our proprietary Campaign Dashboard will provide you with detailed information about visitors and generated leads. Each time a visiting consumer fills our and submits a short questionnaire, a Lead is generated and automatically emailed to your sales team. Our proprietary Campaign Dashboard can also push leads in real-time directly into your CRM for your sales team to act on immediately.

Key Features:

  • White Label – offer the Campaign Dashboard to your client as your own proprietary system
  • Variable Data – Enhance the end user's experience with a Personalized URL and Personalized Variable Data merged directly from your mailing list, allowing for the use of pre-filled form fields and Personalized Messages across multiple Landing Pages
  • Tracking – Measure and track search responses from direct mail campaigns, and get leads in real-time
  • ROI – Increase the response rate of direct mail campaigns

A Few PURL Demos:



Why Do PURLs work?:

Personalized URLs are effective from a psychological standpoint; interaction with content that feels as if it takes personal interests and preferences into account. Placing a person's name in a Personalized URL creates a trust-based connection, which is different from the status quo. Instead of seeing content that everyone else is getting, consumers are seeing content custom tailored just for them. PURLs, make it clear that the business to consumer relationship is valued by creating a personalized web link and greeting the consumer by name.

Toll-Free Phone Tracking

Tracking is about understanding every element of the mailing you just sent out so you can refine everything you do for future mailings. That's the only way to systematically get better results as you grow your business. There are two things you can do to make tracking really easy:

  1. Use a dedicated phone line and/or URL/landing page. That way you know that 100 percent of the leads/orders came in from your direct-mail campaign.
  2. Put a tracking code or coupon on the mailing piece.

The next step is to collect that information from every customer or order that comes in. Whether it's printed on the coupon or the order form, or an operator requests it when people phone in, get that code every time. But not only do you need to know the overall response from the mailing, you also need to know how many leads or sales were in response to each mailing list, each segment and each sales piece, if you're using more than one.

If you're testing the effectiveness of a new sales piece vs. the piece you're currently using, your control piece, you need to know which one performed better and which lists it performed better on. To properly track each version of the sales piece and each list, it's critical that you do a good job of list segmentation, which is the process of systematically splitting up lists into smaller units to keep track of your different parameters.


The main function of a true BDC is to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of marketing efforts. This is done by well-trained (and managed) BDRs through effective communication skills and rapport-based influence and persuasion. From my experience, the telephone is the “front line” of the car business. First impressions create perception and we all know perception is 99 percent of reality.

In many dealerships, management turnovers prevent lost deals from mishandled customers, but what about the ones who were never called and convinced to come in. A BDC is designed to transmit a sense of ease, comfort, trust, excitement or urgency and should validate the choice to visit the dealership.

Investing in a BDC ensures consistent communication with your customers. Skilled and prepared professionals make and take your calls. A BDR is not likely (or allowed) to judge who can and can’t buy a car or who is and isn’t ready to buy a car. Their focus is only on establishing rapport and persuading customers to visit the showroom (or bring them back) to allow the sales department to close more deals.

USPS Mail Tracking

Track your direct mail marketing campaigns through our proprietary Campaign Dashboard. Track the first scan, through the last scan of your direct mail advertising campaign, and gauge when the mail hits mailboxes.

How Mail Tracking Works:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) sends tracking data directly to our dashboard for every mail piece of your direct mail marketing campaign. The tracking dashboard matches each scan to your campaign and formats the data in a user-friendly way.

Mail Tracking data is viewable in the dashboard, which is completely white-label and can be shared safely with your clients or colleagues white-labeled as your very own proprietary system. Alternately, direct mail campaign mail tracking can be downloaded for further analytics and study or sharing to clients and colleagues.

Variable Map Maker

Increase foot traffic and response rates by including a personalized map on your customized direct mail pieces. These maps do more than stand out from ordinary mail. They visually and immediately communicate location to your audience, a real plus when you have multiple branches and want to make customers aware of the one closest to their home or office.

Personalized maps can be added to any type of printed piece. Each individual map shows the mail recipient's location, your location and the driving route between.

The most common direct mail formats are postcards, envelopes and self-mailers. Using the provided artwork templates makes your designer's job easier and the all-inclusive pricing makes budgeting a snap.

Ringless Voicemail

Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions can send thousands of Ringless Voicemails to target customers. These messages can even be sent to target ZIP codes in your competitions back yard. The message doesn't ring the customers phone, instead the message is transferred from one server to another without bothering the customer. Since cell phone owners listen to 95% of their voicemails your message is sure to be heard. All campaigns come with reports on calls, listened to messages and appointments made.

Email Campaigns

No matter how big or small your business is, it can benefit from email marketing. Through newsletters and periodic emails, you can keep your loyal customer base informed of what's new with your business. Expanding your contact list is important too, and you can attract new customers with discounts and deals offered in those emails. Creating those emails and managing your contact list can be daunting, though, without a management system.

Email marketing software makes it easy for you to extend your digital reach, improve the content of your emails and maximize your time. The best email marketing services are affordable and don't require you to have extensive technical know-how. They also offer a variety of features to help you target specific demographics and bypass spam filters, which can improve the effectiveness of your emails.

QRADS (QR Codes)

QRADS are qr codes used in marketing and advertisement campaigns that are designed to create traffic via different marketing channels.

We offer many different ways to incorporate these into direct mail marketing and other marketing channels. These cool new methods are being used for business cards, augmented reality marketing, text messaging, url's "Purls", Mail Tracking and so much more.... Smart phones and bar code scanners can read these qr advertising codes and redirect you to webpages, gps, text documents, facebook pages, email, sms and many other concepts exist for utilizing this new rage in forensic direct mail marketing.

Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions is a full service Direct Mail Marketing Company. We offer extensive targeting options, expert marketing consultation, unique direct mail ideas and business development services to help maximize your response and ROI. We will evaluate your business needs and determine which solutions will reach the right audience to drive results and grow your business.

Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions has successfully worked with industries such as:

  • Automotive and Service
  • Furniture
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Promotional Credit Cards and More

Direct Mail Marketing using Personalized URLS or Purls and QR-ADS

We provide Business to Business as well as Business to Consumer Marketing Solutions. We customize direct mail pieces in formats that get noticed and opened by the recipient. Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions also offers quick turnaround, in most cases, mailing your direct mail promotion within 1-2 days after final approval of artwork. We offer PURL Internet Lead Generation and Results Tracking as well as "who's calling" services in order to capture and verify leads.

Contact me directly if you would like more information or would like a customized proposal on your direct mail marketing campaign. I can be reached at 1-888-623-(QRAD) 7723.

SMS Text Campaigns & Direct Mail

Immediate Results - Cost Effective

How Does SMS Work with Direct Mail? The Call to Action on the mailer prompts the consumer to text a unique variable 6-digit pin to a phone number provided on the mailer to receive a personalized offer via text.

Benefits of an SMS Text Campaign: SMS adds interactivity & immediacy to mail campaigns. Personalized variable message sent to the consumer, Immediate interaction with the lead. Obtain sales leads in real time.

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